NO Frills NO Bows Cheeseboard

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No Frills Cheeseboard

5 of our AWARD winning cheeses delivered to your door. Consisting of Caws Cerwyn Smoked Cerwyn, Mature Cerwyn, Caws Preseli and Drewi Sant.

Our 5 award winning cows cheeses

consisting of Caws Cerwyn, a mild and creamy cheese that is bursting with flavour it has a mellow nutty and buttery taste.

Smoked Cerwyn, smoked using oak wood over a two day period, the cheese retains the creamy texter of the original Cerwyn it now has a full bodied smoked flavour that lingers.

Mature Cerwyn, aged to perfection over a five to six month period, this gives the cheese a firmer texter and a fuller flavour that lingers on your palate.

Caws Preseli, a mould-ripend cheese that has a rich taste mildley tangy and fruity, glossy and straw coulourd.

and Drewi Sant sprayed with local Honey Mead wine which give the cheese a distinctive sweet smell and a fruity tangy flavour with a yeasty aftertaste.

Aprox 1kg cheese.

All deliverd to your door in basic packaging.

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